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About Us


Sierra County Fire Protection District #1 protects, preserves, and ensures the continued health, safety, and well being of its community -- the life and property preservation of all persons residing, working, or existing within the District, reaching from the Yuba Pass to Verdi.
SCFPD Mission

SCFPD #1 accomplishes this mission through fire suppression, fire prevention, intervention, medical assistance, and education. Sierra County Fire Protection District No. 1 maintains high standards of training and education for its volunteers. Volunteers act and perform in a safe, courteous, and professional manner, creating strong bonds and professional relationships within the community and with neighboring fire departments. Our district members are part of a team that takes pride in representing the SCFPD #1 mission through dedication and integrity.

Located in Eastern Sierra County, California, Sierra County Fire Protection District #1 maintains and oversees 3 Fire and Rescue Stations. Its stations are located in Sierraville, Sattely, and Calpine. The District is a volunteer force. Don't let the word volunteer fool you. Our volunteers are dedicated, highly trained, experienced and professional firefighters. We practice regularly and prepare for every type of emergency possible. Members hold certifications, including Paramedics and Hazardous Materials Technicians.