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Fire Protection Districts Principle Enabling Act

California State Law

  • Health and Safety Code §13800 et seq.
  • Powers and Functions: Provide fire protection and other emergency services.
  • Formation: Any territory, whether incorporated or unincorporated whether contiguous or noncontiguous, may be included.
  • May be 3, 5, 7, 9 or 11 Directors (not to exceed 11), elected by resident voters to 4 year terms or appointed by the Board of Supervisors (and City Council where applicable) to fixed 4 year terms*
  • *7. Dependent upon existence of cities within the district

Sierra County Fire Protection District #1 Policies and Procedures

SECTION 1.2 FORMATION: OPERATIVE LAW The District is organized under and shall operate pursuant to the provisions of the Fire Protection District Law of 1987, Section 13800 et. Seq. of the California State Health and Safety Code, as well as the provisions of the California Government Code.